Christie PTA is striving to be a diverse group of parents, guardians, family members, and community members who care about impacting the student’s lives in a positive way.




3 Different Ways to Contribute to Our School’s Success


1. Become a member of the Pta

No Time Commitment

When you join at $10 per person, you are investing in the programs and efforts that are being made to enhance your child’s education. By simply signing up, you aren’t committing to volunteer, just registering as a member - and paying $10!


You can join alone, or each person in your family. Even your extended family can join, which is essentially another $10 donation towards our programs and mission.

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2. Volunteer

Help in Your Child’s Class or at Programs When You Have Time

We are starting our volunteer list from scratch this year, and are looking forward to having parent’s on campus to assist with various programs.


Send your e-mail address and interests to Kristin Wilson at and then fill out your background check.

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3. volunteer for the board

Big Impact!

It sounds like a big time commitment, but it is not! Here you will have the greatest opportunity to make a direct difference. E-mail for more info.

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Why join the PTA?

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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